Partner organisations and Institutions

Easierphone is developed with research organisations and development partners. User testing and co-creation is important in creating new features. We are privileged to work with the following partners:

2021-2023: AAL

The project Easierphone – App platform to empower and support Seniors was funded by the AAL Programme, co-funded by the European Commission and National Funding Authorities of Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Poland. The AAL programme aims to create better quality of life for older people and to strengthen industrial opportunities in the field of healthy ageing technology and innovation. AAL supports international consortiums by funding their projects that work towards creating market-ready products and services for older people. Each project consists of SMEs, research bodies and end-user organisations. The Easierphone consortium consisted of the following partners:

Pappy logo

Pappy GmbH, Switzerland

is the project initiator and coordinator. Pappy is an SME founded in 2011 which develops and sells iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets. Pappy has produced numerous apps mainly in the field of cognitive development and acquired or developmental language disorders. Our team in Zürich focuses on the conception, content, UX design and managing the development process.

Project related tasks: Project coordination, overall concept and UX design of Easierphone and all modules as well as after-sale support for Easierphone and execution of the marketing strategy after product launch.


The Institute for Aging Research, Switzerland

The Institute for Ageing Research IAF deals with application-oriented research and development around issues of age and ageing. The IAF strives to capture the phenomenon of demographic change analytically via its research activities and actively influences this process through its consulting services providing institutions and policy makers with relevant knowledge and advice. The IAF tests technology and services with senior citizens in their everyday life in private households and retirement and nursing homes.

Project related tasks: lab research and specialized on participatory research with seniors, their relatives, and caregivers

TaM logo

University of Geneva, Switzerland

The University of Geneva participates in the project with the TaM group. Created in January 2012, TaM is currently participating in different national and international R&D projects, all linked to indoor positioning techniques, maps, navigation, and processing of data coming from smartphones’ sensors. The team is composed of PhD candidates, scientists and developers.

Project related tasks: Development of Machine learning R&D module AI-observer to detect unusual behaviour patterns.

Almende logo

Almende, the Netherlands

Almende is a Dutch SME conducting research and development activities in several ICT domains, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing systems. Almende creates innovative ICT solutions to empower human beings to better organize their lives in an increasingly complex world. For this purpose, Almende has created numerous software tools, software platforms and hardware devices. These assets are commercialized via daughter companies which together belong to the Almende Group.

Project related tasks: Development of the Easierphone core app and Basic modules; development of modules One touch connect and Walk together.

Internos Logo

Internos, the Netherlands

MOB Drechtsteden B.V. – operating under its brand name Internos – is a limited company offering care in the city of Dordrecht and its surrounding region.  Internos’ vision on care focuses on a drive to offer care that feels literally as if the clients are coming home. Our care provision is tailored to personal needs of clients. We offer integral care and guidance ranging from simple support to full-fledged nursing home care. To respect our client’s self-reliance as much as possible, they can always continue to live at home. Internos is also active in innovation of its care processes.

Project related tasks: participation and organisation of pilot programs in the Netherlands; contributing to the development of the business plan.

ASM logo

ASM – Market Research and Analysis Center, Poland

ASM is an SME, private R&D center specialized in market research, business analysis and socio-economic studies. In the area of market and business analysis ASM works on business plans, business models and market strategies planning using different market analysis methods: desk research, questionnaire interviews, in-depth interviews and on this base define market shares, market potential, forecasts, etc., linking R&D with industries. ASM also provides end-user behaviour analysis and neuromarketing studies in product or service testing phases.

Project related tasks:business plan development, product testing, dissemination and communication strategy, exploitation and marketing strategy, application of UX Neuro Scan through ASM Neuro Lab innovative research laboratory.


2019-2021: Age-Stiftung

The Age-Stiftung’s support of the project “«Easierphone» – altersgerechte Smartphone-App” allowed us to test an iOS version of Easierphone with real users and collect their feedback through interviews conducted by the Institute for Ageing Research (IAF) of the Fachhochschule OST in St.Gallen, Switzerland.


2017: Innosuisse

An “innocheck” by Innosuisse enabled us to collaborate with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), resulting in an early study for user requirements:

Die Nutzung von Smartphones im Alter. Masterarbeit Gian Carlo Stoppa