Today’s smartphones are complex, but many users only need a fraction of the functionalities available. The Easierphone app provides a simple, clear home screen and easy to use apps for Android phones. To solve technical problems, Easierphone can be remotely supported by a family member. Optional monitoring of well-being and emergency protocols can provide peace of mind for senior citizens and their families.

Improving Quality of Life

Easierphone provides autonomy for older adults, improves their relations with family members, connects with friends, gives satisfaction of confident smartphone use, improves mobility through better access to services, and enriches social aspects of life. Easy to use interface builds a bridge between the user and the rest of the world!

Ecological Aspects

Empowering challenged users to preserve their autonomy is our main goal. Easierphone can be used on older smartphones. This allows easy “repurposing” of devices that are no longer used, lowering the ecological footprint of smartphone use and making Easierphone accessible for many who cannot afford a new device.

Fast Path in Case of Emergency

Easierphone can connect the user in case of any emergency situation with the right person or insitution immidiately. One buton leads to previously chosen number of trust or a number of official services like police or health service.

Easy way to support your beloved ones

Family members have the opportunity to support a device remotely what is crucial when something doesn’t work and we are not able to help physically. Furthermore, Easierphone provides emergency protocol and optional monitoring of well-being thanks to advanced technology and practical features of the app.