These are the main features of Easierphone

Easierphone home screen

A simpler, clearer home screen, showing you only the apps you choose.

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Phone, Contacts

Your favorite list to make calls, a large dialpad and access to all your contacts.


An easy way to send and receive sms messages.

Camera, Images

One button to take pictures or videos.
Your images, displayed in large thumbnails or fullscreen, ready to share.

Alarm clock

Set the time and switch it on. It could not be simpler.


Quick access to your favourite websites.


Emergency call button to alert family members.
After a 10 second countdown, a call is placed on speakerphone to the first emergency contact.
SMS messages containing the location are sent to all emergency contacts in your list

Add apps

Add any app you like to Easierphone.

Easierphone assistant

Assist one or more Easierphone users with the Easierphone assistant app. Remotely help manage the phone setup, app installations, contacts, favourites, weblinks, emergency setup and more.

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