This user guide for Easierphone  and Easierphone Assistant explains the steps to install and use Easierphone. Start at the top of the list if this is your first installation, or jump to the relevant section if you need more information on a particular function.

Easierphone user guide

Click on the button to access the download page for Easierphone on your Android phone.

After downloading Easierphone from the play store, follow the screen prompts on your phone.

The screens to set up Easierphone are shown below.

Once Easierphone is installed, download the phone module and the message module from the play store by tapping on the greyed out icons of phone and messages.

After installing, return to the home screen with the back arrow.

The screens to install phone and messages module are shown below.

The home screen is where you find all apps on Easierphone.

  • In the settings (wrench icon on the top left) you can set up Easierphone as your default home app. If Easierphone is set up as the default home app, pressing the home button will show the Easierphone home screen. (you can change the default home app any time)
  • After the first installation, open every Easierphone module once, and allow the access permission. These are needed for Easierphone to work correctly.
  • To add an app to the home screen, scoll down and use the violet “add app” button at the bottom of the home screen.
  • You can edit what you see on the home screen by choosing settings (wrench symbol, top left) and selecting “Edit homescreen”.  Here, you can change the display order – or remove apps from the home screen

When opening phone for the first time, follow the system prompts to set it as your default calling app.

All contacts – accesses your entire contact list

Recent calls – see the recent calls you received or made. (missed calls are marked in red)

Dial number – dial with a large dialpad

Favorites – use the 3-dot menu to add or edit favourites to this list for easy calling.


Phone for Easierphone needs to be set as your default phone application to make and receive calls.

3-dot menu – Search messages, Edit/Delete messages, Mark all as read

New Message – create a new text message to a new recipient

Tap on message – see the message thread

Red dot – indicates a new message


Messages for Easierphone needs to be set as your default SMS application to make and receive SMS messages.

One button to alert family in case of Emergency:

Emergency call – a call is made to the first emergency contact

Emergency SMS – are sent simultaniously to all emergency contacts, containing location, time, and contact called during emergency

Countdown – the emergency call can be canceled during 10 seconds


Emergency contacts are set up when installing Easierphone. Messages for Easierphone needs to be set as your default SMS application to send SMS messages in emergency. 

Easy to use alarm clock:

3-dot menu – Set alarm volume & tone

Tap on time – so set alarm time

Switch – to set alarm on or off

A simple internet browser

Links – shortcut to websites

3-dot menu – to add links to webpages 

A simple magnifying app for small print

pinch  – zoom in or out

Access the Easierphone settings by taping the wrench icon on the home screen.

Choose Remote assistance, then Invite an assistant.

You can invite any contact from your contact list.

If you remove the assistant, the assistant will no longer have any access to your easierphone data.

In Easierphone Settings > Remote assistance > user access, you can decide which data should be editable for an assistant.

Home screen on: assistant can edit your home screen remotely.
Home screen off: assistant cannot access your easierphone

Contacts on: assistant can edit and add contacts.
Contacts off: assistant cannot see your contacts

Alarm on: assistant can edit and set alarms on your device.
Alarm off: assistant cannot see your alarms

Web on: assistant can edit add weblinks in your web app.
Web off: assistant cannot see your web app

Emergency Setup on: assistant can edit your emergency contacts.
Emergency Setup off: assistant cannot see your emergency contacts

Easierphone assistant user guide

Once an easierphone user invites you to assist, you will receive an SMS message asking you to download the Easierphone assistance app, including a link to the Play Store.

Alternatively, you can download the Easierphone assistant app with this link.

After downloading the Easierphone assistant app from the Play store, follow the onscreen prompts to set up the app to assist the person who invited you.

You can assist several Easierphone users with Easierphone assistant.

Choose the person you want to assist. You will see this person’s home screen.

Phone: Edit favourites in phone app
Contacts: Add or edit contacts remotely: assistant can edit and add contacts.
Alarm clock: Set alarm clock remotely
Web: Set Weblinks for another user to facilitate web browsing
Activity trends: Follow another user’s activity levels and geolocation

The screen you see might look very different, depending on the apps the other user has installed on his device, and the sharing setting chosen.
Apps which cannot be edited by you will appear greyed out. (They can be moved on the home screen, but cannot be opened remotely)

Edit Homescreen: Add or remove apps from the user’s home screen, or change the order they appear to adjust the homescreen to the user’s need.
App suggestions
: suggest useful apps to the person you assist. These suggestions feature prominenty when the user adds an app to the home screen.

To Edit your list of supportees or to remove a supportee, choose “Edit supportees” from the 3-dot menu on top.

You can move the names or delete the supportees with the “-” icon. Confirm the revoking on the next screen. The supportee will be informed that he/she is no longer remotely supported by you.

Delete account” will delete your account information and remove all supportees at the same time.

After you revoke support or delete your account, you can only support someone if they invite you again.