Smartphone assistant: offer help to loved ones!

Smartphones can be problematic. Who are you most likely to ask for help when you encounter problems?
A person you trust. Be that person for your loved ones.

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What is Easierphone assistant?

Easierphone assistant is an app to remotely support an Easierphone user. Through the Easierphone user’s explicit consent, the assistant is able to do what usual helplines cannot: access the Easierphone user’s home screen and directly solve the encountered problem. There is no need for long explanations. The assistant has a copy of the home page on his phone.

What can the assistant do ?

The assistant can set up apps on the home screen; suggest new apps to download; add or delete contacts; create speed-dial buttons; set the emergency button; set an alarm time; edit links to websites. If the Easierphone user has provided consent, the assistant can also see location and activity data.

What the assistant does not have access to:

Everything that is private: when and where the Easierphone user surfs the web, who he contacts or what he photographs. The assistant can only access what the Easierphone user explicity gives consent to.

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Who can become an assistant?

Anyone who can set up a smartphone and is invited by the person using Easierphone.

Can you offer assistance as a gift ?

Yes. Install Easierphone on the device of your loved ones, add yourself as an assistant and keep supporting them remotely: A gift to promote smooth communication with family and friends.

About us

The idea for Easierphone came from our experience of seeing many elderly people struggle with their smartphones. Reaching out to our loved ones and being easily accessible to them when they need our help is essential for staying close in our relationships.