Simplify your Phone

We provide an easier way to use your smartphone.

Make Your Life Easier

Smartphones can be hard to navigate. Frequent system updates and changing apps make it challenging to get your phone to do what you want.

easierphone is for people who prefer to use their device instead of learning how to use it. 

Press large  large buttons to make calls. Navigate your device with  3 clear options at the bottom of the screen .

easierphone iphone app phone screen
phone screen

Make Someone Else's Life Easier

Help loved ones by setting up easierphone for them. You create their account on your own device, set up contacts and other data and invite them to use a fully set-up phone by sharing it with an SMS message. 

Assist anyone with their easierphone by logging into your own device with their credentials. The changes you make will be mirrored instantly on their device.

Simple & Powerful

Use the phone, calendar, weblinks, notes and reminder functions without ever wondering how  to make it work. A button for emergencies lets you call for help while alerting your family at the same time.

easierphone ios app home screen
home screen
  • easierphone adapts to your needs:
  • set buttons to vibrate or make a sound when you press them.
  • hide the features you do not wish to use.
  • disable editing if you want to make sure nothing is changed or deleted.
easierphone iphone app on home screen

The Smart Choice

We want to simplify your phone – but not limit what you can do with your device.

Place the easierphone icon in the menubar of your phone for a convenient access to the easier interface. Keep using any other app you like through the home screen. 

Try it for free

Downloading and installing easierphone is free. You can make 2 entries for each function. If you would like to add an unlimited number of entries,  upgrade easierphone with an in-app purchase. 


For detailed instructions you can download the user guide (pdf)