Simplify your PhoneWe provide an easier way to use your smartphone.

Smartphones can be hard to navigate. Sometimes, there are just too many options do to simple tasks. Install Easierphone on your Android phone to get a simple home screen and apps optimised for large type and ease of use.

Home screen

One home screen with just the apps you need. Add or remove apps to have the home screen you like.


An easy to read phone app. Your favorite lists to make calls and access to all your contacts.


Easierphone contacts are imported from your default address book and displayed in large type.


One button to take pictures or videos. No other distracting features.


Your images, displayed in thumbnails or in fullscreen mode, ready to share.


Set the time, switch it on – or off.


Quick access to your favorite websites


Emergency call button to alert family members by voice calls and SMS about where you are when you need help.

Add apps

You can add any app made for Android to the Easierphone home screen.

Try it !

Currently, Easierphone Android is in Beta-testing. If you would like to join our early access program, please use the buttons below.