Simplify your phone!

How many apps do you regularly use on your phone? If you are not a Millenial, probably not more than eight.

Easierphone lets you choose the essential apps you need on your home screen and hides the rest. Easierphone is not a device; It’s an app you can install on any Android phone. Easierphone does not collect personal data and does not bother you with any advertising.

Just download the app and simplify your communication with the world!

What you get with Easierphone?

An easier way to use your phone with a new home screen showing you only see the apps you want. Read more to see all the functions of Easierphone here: Easierphone features

What remains the same?

Your original smartphone settings. You can access them any time.

What is new?

Easierphone assistant – help from someone you trust.
If you get stuck using your smartphone, invite a trusted person to support you. This person can have limited access to your Easierphone in order to remotely assist you. Read more : Easierphone assistance

What about data protection?

Your privacy is absolutely protected. Your assistant has limited access to your device. When and where you surf the web, whom you contact or the videos and photos that you take are kept private.

Why Easierphone?

Smartphone use should be effortless for anyone. Easierphone enables you to communicate with less hassle. And when you need help, you can get it from someone you trust.

How much does it cost?

The Easierphone app and the Easierphone assistance app are available free of charge in the Google Play Store.