Recently the Easierphone app was presented and installed with several social workers of Internos in Rotterdam. The first clients who will test the app will be recruited by these social workers.

The Easierphone is an app that makes smartphone navigation easier for older people but not only. They can access the commonly used apps on their phones faster. The Easierphone home screen is used over the current home screen. This way it prevents them from getting lost in the jungle of apps that a cell phone has installed already.

We managed to install Easierphone with 6 out of 12 persons. It was an active meeting with a lot of discussions – says Jan Michiel Meeuwsen, moderator of the meeting.

Seniors who downloaded Esierphone for testing, use their device for simple actions like calling, receiving calls, actively taking a part in conversations with friends and family via communication apps and downloading and/or taking pictures of family members. All of these activities should be easily accessed by users thanks to a friendly interface tailored to their needs. That is a goal Easierphone want to approach during the next two years of development.

By using Easierphone, care workers/home counsellors and informal caregivers will be relieved. Taking part in the project both care workers and care homes’ residents contribute to the development and testing of innovative solutions to better support and guide vulnerable clients.