In an age saturated with advertising, understanding how our eyes interact with screens has become a crucial skill. Enter the captivating world of interactive eye-tracking workshops – an immersive experience designed to reveal the inner workings of our visual senses and empower participants with the knowledge to navigate the advertising landscape more consciously.

Unveiling the Power of Eye Tracking

Welcome to the fascinating realm of eye-tracking workshops, where participants embark on a journey into the intricate realm of visual attention. These workshops promise an engaging exploration of how our eyes engage with screens, whether they’re smartphones or television displays. Delving into the art and science of advertising, participants gain insights into the pivotal aspects that catch our eyes when confronted with various forms of promotional materials, be it a TV advertisement or a simple brochure.

A Hands-On Interactive Experience

The heart of these workshops lies in their interactive nature. Equipped with specially designed glasses integrated with sophisticated software, attendees dive into the captivating world of eye-tracking. Through these innovative glasses, participants are granted the ability to monitor and visualize their gaze on a screen, revealing the precise journey of their attention and highlighting the elements that command their focus. This real-time insight helps decipher the factors that influence concentration and attention.

Decoding the Art of Advertising

One of the central components of these workshops is the deconstruction of advertising materials. Accompanied by a seasoned specialist, participants are led through the intricacies of crafting compelling advertisements that captivate the human eye. Insights into color psychology, layout dynamics, and content arrangement are offered, shedding light on the clever strategies that advertisers employ to grab our attention and motivate us to make purchasing decisions.

Empowering Participants Beyond Advertising

The workshops extend beyond the realm of advertising, broadening their impact into the wider scope of digital usage. A presentation titled “Navigating Smartphone Usage” educates participants about the potential dangers that lurk in the shadows of phone usage. By understanding the risks and making informed choices, participants can adopt healthier and safer digital habits.

Easierphone: Where Design Meets Functionality

An exciting addition to these workshops is the opportunity to test the Easierphone application. Aimed at enhancing mobile phone usability, the application is installed on specially prepared smartphones, awaiting assessment from participants. Functionality and design are scrutinized, and valuable feedback collected through surveys aids in the continuous improvement of the application. This initiative is part of the European AAL program, with the ultimate goal of making technology more accessible and user-friendly.


In a world where screens relentlessly vie for our attention, mastering the art of conscious consumption is invaluable. Interactive eye-tracking workshops not only unravel the mechanics of visual attention but also empower participants to be discerning consumers in an increasingly visual world. These workshops offer participants the tools to navigate the intricacies of advertising and digital engagement while contributing to the development of more accessible and intuitive technologies. The fusion of science, creativity, and practical application makes these workshops an engaging and enlightening experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional learning.