Easierphone is tested in 3 pilot sites located in The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Poland. Users can install and test Easierphone apps on their smartphones with the assistance of Easierphone representatives, and check all features provided. After the successful first phase, the second one has been launched in the Netherlands, the Internos facility.


This second test phase is mainly about remote assisting. The user of the Easierphone app can be assisted remotely by a family member or caregiver who also had installed the apps to support the person who needs help with the phone. The ‘Activity Trends’ module (AI based monitoring of activity and user well-being) also plays a big role. The assistant can see if the mentee is active during the day or ‘disappeared from the radar’. The test subject’s location can also be seen remotely which is helpful in case of an emergency situation or wandering behavior when we consider e.g. the early stage of dementia issues.

Our test subjects were explained how to install the app and how to work with it further. As they had brought the Android smartphone with them, the theory could immediately be put into practice. In a few weeks, we will gather feedback on how our test subjects experienced the assistant app.


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