The main purpose of Easierphone is to make the use of smartphones as easy as possible. It will help to connect quickly with beloved ones, also in emergency situations, as well as get to the most used and favourite apps and functionalities of the phone. Internos, as the Easierphone Consortium Partner, had a chance to present the app to Mrs. Kratz from Dordrecht (The Netherlands) who was one of the first test users. 

Internos provides home care to older persons in the city of Dordrecht in The Netherlands. Easierphone is considered as an application to make smartphone use acceptable and easier for Internos’ clients. That is the main reason to participate in this project and see if in future Internos can suggest installing Easierphone on clients’ smartphones to help them to live independently as long as possible and get in touch more easily with Internos staff.  

The video of how Easierphone was introduced to Mrs. Kratz is available now on our YouTube channel:

Easierphone can be used by Seniors’ associations and/or organizations to provide them independence in using their smartphones, communicate easily with their beloved ones and their carers. One of the most important features, providing safety in the first place, is the emergency call which can be chosen by one click on the user interface. It can connect the user directly with the institution or person dedicated to contact in emergency situations.

If you would like to test Easierphone in your organization and share your feedback with us, please contact us via e-mail: