3rd co-creation session was organized in the facility of IAF in Zurich. A bunch of new impressions and comments were delivered during the workshop which aimed to list improvements to be made in the Easierphone app. It also brought a new perspective on adult users’ needs regarding the use of smartphones.

IAF team gathered a group of seniors to test all Easierphone modules and ask in-depth questions about general impressions, concerns, and specific situations when the modules could be useful as well as answer many questions, especially regarding privacy policy and safety factors.

Attendees were curious about how the movement tracking module is working and what kind of information will be available for the caregiver. What is important, Easierphone occurred to be useful for people suffering from dementia. A tracking module with remote assistance can help follow a wandering person when one is lost. It can be also supported by the “Emergency” button to immediately inform the dedicated person when a dangerous situation happens and immediate help from the assistive person is needed.

Participants of the session also raised up an issue on personal data access by the person who will remotely support the elderly user. It is important to mention that the consent form will be clearly formulated to avoid the situation when the user doesn’t know to which data the assistant will have access.

Overall, the Easierphone apps were assessed positively as a needed tool for an elderly person. Security of personal data and safety in daily usage were the most important issues for IAF’s early users. The Easierphone team will put attention, especially to these aspects of the solution before it will be introduced to the market.

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