In June 2023, Poland played host to a pioneering endeavor that brought together different generations to test and refine the Easierphone app. The initiative was part of Pilot Program 3, a testament to the app’s commitment to fostering cross-generational digital inclusivity. The results of this engaging research offer a glimpse into the experiences and feedback of participants, underscoring the app’s impact on both seniors and their tech-savvy counterparts.

A Multigenerational Exploration

The core aim of the research was to assess the effectiveness of the Easierphone app among two distinct age groups: individuals aged 50 and above, and those aged 18 to 50. With a comprehensive testing approach, the study delved into user feedback, suggestions for improvement, and areas of further development. The research unfolded in two segments, involving both the core Easierphone app and its assistant counterpart, Easierphone Assistant.

Insights from the Senior Generation

For the participants aged 50 and above, the research unfolded over a span of 10 days. They undertook a series of tasks that included installation, configuration of essential modules (calls, messages), testing and utilization of various app functions, and even simulated emergency calls. Additional tasks encompassed setting up favorite contacts, adding preferred websites, experimenting with an activity trends app, and exploring remote assistance settings.

Empowering the Younger Generation as Assistants

The younger participants, aged 18 and above, stepped into the role of assistants, interacting with the senior users via the Easierphone Assistant app. Their tasks involved remote editing of functions on the senior users’ phones, such as customizing home screens, adding and editing contacts, activating activity trend functions, and more. The process highlighted the potential for mutual learning and support between generations.

In-Depth Feedback Through Surveys

Following the testing phase, participants were invited to complete online surveys tailored to their respective roles. For core Easierphone app users aged 50 and above, the survey sought insights on user experience, navigation, and overall satisfaction. Meanwhile, assistant app users aged 18 and above provided feedback on the ease of remote assistance and its practicality.

A Glimpse into the Results

From the comprehensive testing, 80 questionnaires were gathered, split evenly between the two groups. The insights from these surveys provided a fascinating snapshot of the app’s impact on different generations, shedding light on its effectiveness and areas for enhancement.

Looking Ahead: Bridging Generational Divides

The results of this research are more than just numbers; they represent a step towards bridging the digital divide across generations. The Easierphone app’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in its quest to make technology accessible to everyone, regardless of age. These insights serve as a guidepost for refining the app further and shaping its journey toward enabling seamless digital experiences for all.