Internos develop and test, together with partners, an application to simplify the use of smartphones. Who has not searched for a long time for that one app on their smartphone that is somewhere between all those other dozens? Easierphone simplifies the home screen and lists the most used apps in a simple way. It is also developing an assistant function, so that someone else (partner/carer) can, after permission, help the user to set up and adjust this simplified start screen.

Recently Internos organised a workshop with members of its client council to brainstorm about additional features of Easierphone. Three new modules will be added in the next test:

  1. Walk together; where you can make walking appointments with others and compare the number of steps you take
  2. One touch call; allowing immediate contact with pre-selected people
  3. Activity trends; looking at the development in the degree of use of the telephone and movement outside

It was a lively discussion with good tips from the Internos client board members for the developers of Easierphone. One of the key findings was that following and monitoring a user was sometimes considered useful, but not always. However, when it comes to assisting vulnerable people using Easierphone, it can be useful for the assistant to see how a user’s activity pattern develops. For example, if someone regularly wanders or shows much reduced activity, this may be a signal for the assistant to intervene.